Training for long distance crossings


training long distance medes

Trainning for a long distance open water swim (that is crossings of more than 10 kilometers) involves a great deal of physical and mental preparation. The crossings of the Straits of Gibraltar, for example, or the Medes-Formigues, require careful planning at a physical level (yardage, compensatory exercises, rest, acclimatization to water ...) but also at a mental level (if the brain disconnects, the muscles will fall apart, too).  

For this reason, when we organize "marathon" swims, we prepare our swimmers and provide them with online and face-to-face training to track their performance and advise them on how to improve aspects that worry them. For both the 22KM crossing, Medes-Formigues, and the crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar (16KM), we have a specific training program for the swimmers involved so that they achieve their goals. In fact, most swimmers who participate in these two crossings with us finish them successfully.  

This Saturday, July 8th, the groups that participate in the swims mentioned above will participate in the 16KM training that unites El Masnou and Badalona. So from here we wish them ALL THE BEST!  


Maria Rossell Pujol
07/07/2017 11:26:55
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